FOOD, Living in... Singapore, Uncategorized HOLLAND VILLAGE, SINGAPORE 10 August 2006

Holland Village Hawker Centre

Holland village has the tagline “Shopping paradise and food haven for expatriates and tourists”. I don’t know about you, but I love it too and I’m a Singaporean – so there! Not too sure about the “shopping paradise” part, but I certainly agree with “food haven” – the place is packed with food stalls and restaurants from every cuisine you can imagine.. and also pubs and such for the late night crowd.

Went there with my cousins and a bunch of people for dinner, then dessert, then drinks. I was keen to check out the “Western” food at the hawker centre there (which is newly opened, apparently) since my cousin claimed the chicken chop was fantastic. She was not wrong 🙂 But before I start, I gotta say that Western food in hawker centres here are… erm… not what you’d get in Western countries. Kind of like how “sweet & sour fish” and “fried rice”, etc, is not really indicative of Chinese cuisine. But I STILL LOVE IT!! It’s so yummy and the portions are large, so you’ll always leave satisfied. Plus, the dishes below were $5 each – considered expensive for hawker food, but dirt cheap compared to Australia’s food courts (you’d easily pay double or triple for the set meals below).

I just loved the food. The chicken was all meaty and juicy with no weird fatty bits. And ALL the side dishes were scrumptious :)~ Such a delightful dinner! But since my cousin’s boyf..err.. I mean.. finance.. and I decided it was not enough food (!), we also got a Katong Laksa to share. If you think you’ve had Laksa before, then you’re guaranteed you haven’t had the proper authentic stuff. Katong Laksa is thick, creamy and stuffed with prawns and cockles and short white round noodles. You don’t use chopsticks, you scoop everything up with a spoon instead. It is BEYOND good and BETTER than any so-called “laksa” that you’ll find in non-Asian countries. Plus it was only $3 – hee hee!

Western food stall @ Holland Village

My cousin’s fish & chips – the fish was so fresh and crumbly, yum!

My chicken chop set – every single piece of food on it was so good :)~

The famous, delicious, incomparable Katong Laksa!!

Coffee with condensed milk, made in a ‘sock’ (aka “kopi ping”)

Dessert was Muddy Mud Pie.. followed my German beers @ Badan