FOOD, Living in... Singapore, Uncategorized AMANOGAWA & MOS BURGER, SINGAPORE 15 August 2006

Today was just rushing around heaps.. finalising the deal with our house tenancy. There’ve been a bunch of people coming to view the house and we’ve gotten 2 offers that we like, so just finalising and deciding between the two. Exciting times 🙂 Though it’s a bit sad that these people get such a nice house to stay in… and here I am in Australia staying in an apartment that’s about 1/6 of the cost. Really depressing 🙁 It’s the choice I made to be independant & self-sufficient instead in a foreign country, I guess. Anyway, my ‘job’ when prospective tenants came around was to be at the gazebo and just sit pretty there, looking very cool and relaxed 😛 I said that since the agents get paid for the transaction, shouldn’t I get a cut of it too? Hee!

Raffles City Mall

Lunch was a quick one.. we were at Raffles City and walked past Amanogawa which looked quite interesting, so we popped in for a bite. A ‘bite’ it really was.. the portions were teeny tiny! Admittedly, mum and I ordered the “small bowl” version.. but still. They were SG$7 each and the size of the bowl was basically those typical Chinese rice bowls. SO SMALL I kinda looked at it when they arrived and said “Huh? Is that it?” Even dad’s set menu left him hungry afterwards!

Anyway, I had the Miso Ramen which was delicious. However, it certainly wasn’t worth the 7 bucks.. as the pork it came with was ONE utterly tiny piece of pork. Compared to Australia’s ramen, where for approx SG$14 you get 3x the amount, a huuuuge scoop of corn, and 5+ mega slices of pork. For shame!! The noodles were lovely though, and the soup was just right and not too salty.. so at least that kinda made up for it. Mum’s Unagi (eel) on Rice was just as teeny tiny but the eel was fantastic, better texture and flavour than the eel in Australia. Sublime :)~ Dad’s set was expensive considering it was twice the price of ours. Wasn’t really that much more food though. All in all, I wouldn’t go back… I’d rather pay $3 for good ‘ol hawker fare, or $50 for a killer fine-dining restaurant meal. I don’t like “in-between food”, just makes me feel kinda ripped off.

Miso Ramen (SG$7)

Unagi (eel) on Rice (SG$7)

Fish set with tuna sushi (SG$13.90)

MOS Burger
B1-1 Plaza Singapura

Dinner was a quick dash-and-run since we were still sorting out the house tenancy affair. We popped into Plaza Singapura since it’s really close by and I suddenly got the biggest craving for MOS Burger. MOS Burger is super duper awesome! It ranks right up there with In N Out Burger (USA) as my favourite burger joint. It’s Japanese-owned which means everything is cutesy, always being updated.. and.. well.. hard to describe, but if you’re familiar with Japanese stuff, you’ll understand! It’s just better than regular stuff IMHO 😛

I opted for my usual MOS Cheeseburger, fries & ice milk tea . The cheeseburger….. ooooooh la la!! The patty is soft and beefy and the cheese doesn’t have that nasty smell that many burgers have – it’s smooth and creamy, almost like cream cheese. And that tomato-onion salsa sauce that’s generously heaped on top? Completely mouth-watering.. it just makes the whole burger. My only complaint is that the burger’s waaaaay too small. It’s more like appetiser-sized, plus it’s so good that you’re left salivating for more. The fries are also nice, but to be honest, I prefer McDonalds shoestring fries.. fat fries don’t really do it for me. A winner for me is the ice milk tea, which you get as regular black tea and 2 little cups of milk to pour in to suit your taste. It’s light, tasty, and healthier than Coke.. love it.

MOS Burger

MOS Cheeseburger, fries & ice milk tea (SG$6+)

Mum and Dad ate at the foodcourt upstairs.
The pasta (SG$4) was fantastic!!! Was greedy and shared half-a-plate.

First time ever I’ve tried popiah (SG$1.80).
OMG….. I LOVE THE STUFF. It’s super healthy too!! (I think)