Uncategorized HOMECOOKED SALMON & EGG, EBAY FOOD 21 June 2006

I cooked last night. A super simple 5-minute dish.. Pan-fried salmon belly with eggs/onion/capsicum. Just some random stuff I had around the house that I decided to toss together and make a meal out of. It was yum and ultra cheap 🙂

Speaking of food, I got home yesterday to a package in the mail.. eagerly opened it and nestled inside were 2 boxes of Meiji Chopan, from the lovely John!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! Eagerly dug into it and it is so yum – I’m a huge Meiji fan and am always on the hunt for Meiji snacks, especially the ones that I’ve never tried before (which is probably most of their range).. so I’m on Cloud 9 at the moment :)~

Funnily enough, I looked up Meiji on eBay and there are 42 auctions up, haha! And then I looked at the general Food category on eBay and there’s over 100,000 types of food selling!! WHOAAA!! I never even knew that we sold that much food… haha. My heart actually started beating faster when I saw the hundreds and thousands of food items up on eBay. All international food and snacks, that can be delivered right to my front door! *happy grin*